Choose your pricing plan

  • Get Entertain

    Every month
    Setup Custom Entertainment for the household
    • Smart devices tailor-made for you
    • device enhancements/maintenance
    • 1 optional accessory for device (Laptop/Mobile/Tablet)
    • Options to cut monthly bills
    • * Doesn't include price of professional installation
  • Best Value

    Safely Secure

    Every month
    Security setup for devices and home
    • Setup security for the home
    • Inspection/ maintenance/ upgrade current security
    • Option for custom builds
    • Wiring inspection/maintenance/upgrade
    • *professional installation not included
  • Financial Freedom

    Every month
    Make money while you sleep
    • Cryptocurrency plans
    • Options to automate current business
    • Options to insert new business
    • Command Center setup options
    • Specialized equipment upgrade plan
    • *professional installation price not included
  • Go Green

    Every year
    Perfect for customers looking to save money and add value
    • monthly payments don't start until value does
    • unlimited options with different price points
    • Green energy options
    • 1 year contract are standard
    • $111 is a one time payment once terms are agreed upon